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What’s The Rhythm Strip?

The Rhythm Strip is CPR’s periodic newsletter that conveys happenings in CPR’s world of physician rights advocacy.

And, for the non-medical person, what in the world is ‘a rhythm strip’? It’s the printed out EKG strip of one lead (I believe it was V2 but what the hell, I’m a psychiatrist; we deal with different kinds of hearts) that gives the EKG-trained doc a read on the state of the ticker. You can tell a lot from those squiggly lines, most importantly, whether to apply the electric shock paddles.

Why subscribe?

Because you’re interested in physicians’ rights, CPR’s (Center for Physician Rights) advocacy efforts, and more generally in the culture of medicine, a culture that can be a pigpen of bullying or can be a sustaining culture of mutual respect that fosters the spirit of compassionate healing. (I know, I know … ‘what is he smoking??’)

(And, btw, the recent US Surgeon’s Report on Workplace Mental Health actually posits workplaces as having the capacity to be “engines of well-being” ! [What’re they smoking?])

So, when you “subscribe” (free, and no spam), you get the occasionally quirky, occasionally touchy-feely, issues round-up newsletter and the Substack-hosted website that keeps all our newsletters visible in an easy-to-access blog format.

Stay up-to-date!

So when you subscribe, you get each Rhythm Strip asap in your inbox, comfortably knowing that you’ll never miss an update. You won’t have to fret that you missed another incursion by the medical regulatory therapeutic complex. (We’re sort of like Pres. Eisenhower who warned about the grave dangers of the powerful military-industrial complex. A retired general himself, he saw the dangers of government and the war weapons industry forming an ever-expanding sector, replete with its own lobbyists and PR scare machine. As sort of ex-generals and some of us POWs of the MRTC ourselves, we’re here to scare the begeezes out of every doc so that they can become informed enough to join us in confronting the beast before it devours them and the entire profession of medicine.

And, if it’s just not your cuppa, one ‘unsubscribe’ click, you get a quickie ‘bye’ and no more Rhythm Strip or any other happening stuff from CPR.

So, join the crew

Now, not only can you comment on any aspect of each issue just like you would an article, you can also join the more free-ranging Chat feature (on iphones and similar) that lets you share your thoughts and experiences (and even links to other stuff you feel is relevant to the topic) with other subscribers on the diversity of topic threads that will unfold. It promises to fill in a gap that’s been missing among our fan base. So, subscribing lets you be part of an avid community of people - docs and non-docs - who share your concerns and interests.

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All said, we’d love to have you join us.

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Kernan Manion, MD

Kernan is a physician who practiced adult psychiatry in diverse settings over the course of his clinical career. He took a couple of detours from traditional practice via the gift of his professional burnout and accidental whistleblower experience.